Friday, October 27, 2017

GTA V - Dragon Ball script mod - Work in progress

Mod under development that will bring powers inspired in Dragon Ball series.


You can download and test the actual W.I.P. (Work in progress) version of the script in my Patreon page.


Obs.: Ped model show in screenshots by Quechus13


-Hold E: Show power selection wheel
-Left mouse button: Attack with special attacks, hold to increase power or change attack variation
-R: Basic Melee attacks
-Space: Toggle flight

Some powers in action:


Destructo Disc

Ki Blast


Nice Flight mode, special melee combat, Ki Aura and other powers like Genki Dama are in the list of things to make :)


Flight poses

 Kamehameha charging

Ki Blast charging and attacks

Power selection wheel (Beta idea)

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